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Women for Napoleon


Music: Ralph Benatzky
Arrangements: Jochen Kilian, Jochen Hartmann-Hilter
Libetto: Michael Frowin, Martin Maier-Bode
Lyrics: Michael Frowin
(Based on previously unreleased chansons of “White Horse Inn” composer Ralph Benatzky)

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The story takes place in 1807. The new decrees regarding recruitment for Napoleon’s imperial army have just been released. But the acceptance of the royal decrees by the left-wing Rhine population leaves a lot to be desired. However, there is one hopeful: mayor Alois Sievenich. He is a fervent Napoleon follower and has been delegated to detect young men and future soldiers. But there are not many who are ensouled by the grand idea. One of them is – Johanna. The self-confident girl wants to escape from the arranged marriage and the musty little village. She passes herself off as her poetically inclined brother Johann, who should be recruited. The trade-off comes in the nick of time for him. In the meantime he hides in the castle. But he does not remain alone for long.

The castle not only keeps his secret. Here Johann falls in with a woman for the first time, but she is not a woman. Here the lieutenant and one of his recruits develop affection for one another, the recruit not being a male. And the mayor finds happiness with a woman who has a very special professional commitment. – This witty love story ends with a finale full of surprises. And while one remains single and the other man finds a man – the sweeping music lets every heart find the right recipe against this gallimaufry.

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Autoren, Komponisten und Übersetzer

Arrangement: Jochen Hartman-Hilter

Arrangement: Jochen Kilian

Music: Ralph Benatzky

Libretto: Michael Frowin

Libretto: Martin Maier-Bode

Lyrics: Michael Frowin

Genre und Katalog

Genre: Musical

Katalog: Musiktheater


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