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The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear


Music: Martin Lingnau
Libretto and lyrics: Heiko Wohlgemuth
Based on Walter Moers’ extensive fantasy novel


In “The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear” the passionate liar looks back on his life, actually on his first 13 1/2 lives; after all - bluebears have 27 lives.

The stage is transformed into a fantastic universe full of Troglotrolls, Alpine Imps, and a Reptilian Rescuer as well as numerous other bizarre mythical creatures. Captain Bluebear is the central figure of this universe, in which adventures lurk at every corner, intelligence is an infectious disease, and a bad idea can save one’s life.

As a young bear, Bluebear floats in a nutshell on the sea and is saved by a group of mini-pirates. These diminutive rulers of the Zamonian Sea continuously attempt to conquer ships, however, always in vain as they are too tiny to even be noticed.

No wonder that Bluebear learns the art of failing and the craft of survival. Sitting on the back of the flying reptilian rescuer MAC, he explores the world from high above and is taught everything he needs to learn by Professor Abdullah Nightingale, the scholar with seven brains. Bluebear successfully rises from a simple pizza cook to the King of Lies.

All he is still lacking in his pursuit of happiness is a she-bear for life….

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Scenery set

Authors, composers and translators

Music: Martin Lingnau

Libretto and lyrics: Heiko Wohlgemuth

Genre and Catalogue

Genre: Musical

Katalog: Music-Theatre


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