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Swinging St. Pauli


Music: Martin Lingnau
Libretto: Martin Lingnau, Thomas Matschoss, Heiko Wohlgemuth
Lyrics: Edith Jeske, Heiko Wohlgemuth


In St. Pauli, the world famous red light district of Hamburg, the group of youngsters, the Swing Kids, get together every day to celebrate the joy of life and the joy of their music: it's swing time! The rhythm of their swing makes them dance and touches their hearts. But for Max, Fritz, Heini, Alberta and Beate, the signs of the times have their own rhythm. In 1941, the horrific Nazi regime is in power and Germany is at war.

The Swing Kids always meet at the St. Pauli nightclub "Leo's Bar". The charming and warm-hearted Oskar Leonhardt manages the club. Oskar's abides to the motto "silence is golden", which allows him an existence on the edge of legality: the swing music played by his house band is strictly forbidden under the Nazi regime. One day, when Emma, a young Jewish girl, appears in Oskar's bar and asks for help, the situation becomes extremely dangerous. Max, one of the Swing Kids, falls in love with Emma without knowing her secret. And the other members of the group also learn what it means to live on the edge. The young men receive their call-up papers to the army, and first love undergoes a crucial test.

Swinging St. Pauli is full of vitality, expressed by the incomparable rhythm of Swing. Swing is both the joyful expression of living as well as rebellious protest against the monotonous beat of Nazi marching-music. And Swing sets the pace: inexorably turns the wheel of fate regarding friendship, love, and treason.

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Authors, composers and translators

Music: Martin Lingnau

Libretto: Martin Lingnau

Libretto: Thomas Matschoß

Lyrics: Edith Jeske

Lyrics: Heiko Wohlgemuth

Genre and Catalogue

Genre: Musical

Katalog: Music-Theatre


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