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A Summer Night’s Dream


Musik: Martin Lingnau
Libretto Sigrid Andersson, Edith Jeske, Martin Lingnau
Lyrics: Edith Jeske
Based on William Shakespeare


Wedding atmosphere in Athens. The victorious commander Theseus is planning to marry Hippolyta. And Hermia is to wed the young Demetrius. But Hermia loves Lysander, and he loves Hermia just like Demetrius loves Hermia. Helena has fallen in love with Demetrius, and no one loves Helena. All this distress lets the protagonists flee into the woods, where Oberon and Titania are quarrelling. The love carousel turns faster and faster until it ruins all.

The confusions in Shakespeare’s “Summer Night’s Dream” are well known. The dreamlike and wild play was the basis for Sigrid Andersson’s (text), Martin Lingnau’s (music), and Edith Jeske’s (libretto) composition of a musical, which even if it is the adaptation of a classic, tries to set new accents. Where Shakespeare’s original set a delightful example, the authors attempted to enrich the drama with even more punch lines and comical performance, as well as romantic content. The music, which accompanies every performance at the Elisabeth Theater, bridges the augustness of a masterpiece with its audience. It was the aim of this joint production, to make the fairy tale like figures of the original story perceivable in a linguistic manner, as well as sensuously and visually. The result is a less classical but rather a parody, a soulful stage play, whose quality was also able to impress the media.

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Authors, composers and translators

Music: Martin Lingnau

Libretto: Sigrid Andersson

Libretto: Edith Jeske

Libretto: Martin Lingnau

Lyrics: Edith Jeske

Genre and Catalogue

Genre: Musical

Katalog: Music-Theatre


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