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Michael Frowin


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Michael Frowin was born 1969 in Marburg on the River Lahn and was educated as an actor and singer in Berlin. In 1991, he was the youngest ensemble member of the Düsseldorf Kom(m)ödchen with Kay and Lore Lorenz. The Rheinische Post nominated him as ‘Actor of the Year’, and he was the award winner of the federal competition “Song and Master students” by Gisela May.

Frowin performed as a cabaret artist in his solo program “Schlaflos im Sattel” (Sleepless in the Saddle), in the duo program “Ex and Hop” (with Martin Maier-Bode) and as a guest in the Dresden Herkuleskeule. He released three CDs: “Michael Frowin: chansons” (1998), “life – jazz meets chanson” (among others with Jochen Kilian and the Jazz clarinettist Rolf Kühn, 2001) and “Schlaflos im Sattel” (2004). As a lyricist he provided the punch lines for (among others) the Dresden Cabaret “Herkuleskeule”, the Berlin “Distel”, and the Stuttgart “Renitenztheater”. He produced comedies for the radio channel RTL and N24.

As a playwright he wrote the operas and revues. The revue “Münchhausen Junior” (music: Rolf Kühn) was the most successful children’s revue ever performed at the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin.

In 2006, the musical comedy “Frauen für Napoleon”, (“Women for Napoleon”), which he wrote together with Martin Maier-Bode (with music by Ralph Benatzky), celebrated its successful opening night at the Landestheater Neuss.

Frowin also worked as director and taught chanson interpretation at the European Theatre Institute in Berlin.

Plays by Michael Frowin

Women for Napoleon (Libretto)

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Munchhausen junior (Book and lyrics)

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